Back to India two years later

When I decided I would come back to India It was a final resolution, I didn’t care how or for how long, I just decided It was time and I’d do anything I could to come on this adventure.

Some people asked me about how I planned this trip since now it has extended to about 10 months, I hope. Well, I started to think about it and the only thought that came into my mind was: I let it flow. I had a purpose, of course, and for that matter, I needed structure so I started doing everything I could to make more money in less time. Before I became a Yoga instructor, I was an English teacher, so Why not go back to teach English? This was the first step, from there on I gained more students, both in yoga and English and when I saw I was earning three times more. And after 8 months I manage and here I am, in New Delhi, writing this post at night after 3 hours complaining with Airtel to make my SIM CARD work.

About the sacrifices we make

I must tell you that it would have been necessary at least one more year of hard work if I didn’t receive an amount of money every month from my family. Although, I’m secure to say that it is completely possible to save if you make a commitment with yourself. We are talking about dreams here. Which means you must be able to make a few sacrifices in order to achieve your goal.

I spend months not going out so often, eating in my house, not buying things that weren’t extremely necessary… My advice for the ones who want to become travelers: always remember the reason you are taking these actions, perhaps it’s called faith. You must believe you can, so the universe will join your cause and make it easier for you to not stop by in every sale sign you see on the street or every delicious food you find on the corner (I confess It was the difficult part for me, as a vegan I love to try new restarants).

About the skills we discover

As I said, when I decided to make it real I knew it was necessary more money, and as a young adult, I wanted to make it all by myself. Well, a great part of it was me who manage to pay and I’m so glad of it! But I also have to say this: If you have a family that supports you and can help, be thankful! It’s no shame to ask for help or to receive help from those who love you.

And, how to gain money? Everyone have skills! Put them in practice, make yourself proud of what you’re capable of doing and always remember the clichĂȘ that is so true and so real in this case “remember why you started”. In the end I assure you, it will be worth all the time and dedication, all the struggle and hush.

About expectation and reality

I’m talking about motivation today, about effort, about fighting for your dream. And, when we talk about dreams we’re also talking about projections and expectations. I have thousands of them, especially because we, western yogis, fantasize about a romantic India, spiritual, beautiful, unique. It sure is all those things, but it’s much more… After two years, today I remembered a great part that my brain decided wasn’t important: the horns, the chaos, the difficulty with the language, the mistreats, the men look in the streets, the fear of getting sick with food, endless little things that my Ego turned into big things in my mind.

But, right now writing to myself and listening to a guy talking in Hindi outside the door, I don’t regret anything and yes, I’m happy to be here. The reality isn’t as we wish most of the time, and it’s ok because life isn’t about pleasing me. Life is about the experience, about self-love, about self-knowledge, about evolving, about being present and constantly learning. And this is what I’m doing here, I’m here to grow.

So, if in the end, your dream isn’t exactly as you pictured it, please don’t shut yourself, instead open up even more to the experiences, that’s the greatest thing we can do: to live every day at the moment, doing what’s right, creating good karmas and learning why and how to be better humans. After all, why are we here anyway if not to be happy and by that make others happy too?

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  1. I am very happy for the opportunity to learn from this beautiful cousin how to work with time, dream and reality. Grateful

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