New Year’s Eve in India

Bangalore Palace

New Year Rituals

First, I’d like to say how challenging this is, to risk myself out in writing my thoughts. It might not seem for some (especially because I’m a yoga instructor and English teacher, so I talk a lot), but I’m a very reserved person. Although here I am, and I’m so glad about it!

So, for the first post, I put some thought into it and decided to talk about the present date, since today is New Year’s Eve and two years ago I was in India for the first time. It was my first New Year abroad and in such a different culture, my expectations were high, especially because we all have our own rituals during this time of the year. Usually, in Brazil I love to spend this celebration by the sea, to jump seven waves to the orixá Iemanjá, asking for prosperity and making resolutions and wishes for the next year. So, what was the New Year like in India?

Well, it was pretty different from what I was used to, but it was very nice to see how different India can be in every aspect.

India: one country, many aspects.

When we think about India there are some bells that ring the most: spirituality, Ganges river, food, colors, festivals, yoga, and even Bollywood. The culture is very strong and in each place, we can see differences between language, religion, traditions and architecture. Some places are very strict and by my own experience, I knew that they took their habits very seriously. So, I had my expectations when my friends told me that we were going to a party for New Year’s Eve.

I was in Bangalore, a city that is known for its high-tech industry and nightlife. Of course, I was completely wrong about what I imagined. I’ve been to some parties already, with amazing food and people dressed nicely in an Indian fashion style, but most of them were marriages, birthdays or festivals. This time was completely different. We head to a building where the party took place on the terrace and it looked like a club, electronic music playing with a DJ’s, drinks and yes, great food! It felt pretty much like Sao Paulo night life.

When the clock pointed midnight everyone celebrated, but there were no fireworks and I confess that I missed them very much. But, It was amazing to see what India can hold, so many different lifestyles! It was for sure a new year to remember always.

Countdown: going back to India

The countdown for 2019 is going to start in a few hours, and my own countdown to go back to India starts also today: 7 days! I hope to share my new experiences in here and as for my New Year’s resolution: write more, experience more and be thankful for every opportunity.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I’m excited to hear more from India! To be honest I’ve never had any desire to go to India until I met their wisdom… Congrats 🥂and have a blessing trip 🙏

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