One week in India

Today I’m completing one week here in India, but honestly, it feels like a month, so many thoughts came into my mind and so many things have happened. From the intense Delhi to the peaceful Rourkela, I can’t possibly describe how familiar I feel with this place and these people.

In Delhi, I was with Brazilian friends all the time, people that I love and care very much. So I manage just fine to deal with everything, taking tuk tuks, learning to say no, learning to make myself clear (this is very necessary here), I felt empowered by them. So, when the goodbye came I was moved and a bit upset, but at the same time excited because my solo journey would start, although who says it is solo? We are always surrounded by people and along the way we will always meet briliant souls.

I arrived in Rourkela on Sunday night, this is a small town where I did my exchange program two years back, staying in Indian families houses. By the time my friend picked me up at the station… How can I tell you how home it felt? Yesterday I went to a party and met everyone again, such a nostalgic feeling, I can’t be more thankful. Hearing the news, seeing the kids so big, meeting new people and having exciting news such as a wedding of one of them and being able to attend!!! How great it is.

But, as I’ve read once: remember why you started. It’s very easy to forget your purpose sometimes, especially when everything is exciting, new or calls back to memories. I came to India to study Vedanta, which is part of the Vedic tradition, where yoga, Ayurveda and many other disciplines were born. And, I’m always scared about forgetting it, letting ego comes first.

I believe life is about balance, it’s important to seize the moment, but we must always be present and established in our dharmas (our reason to be here). When the doubts come, when you think you aren’t good enough, or when you feel lost, remember the beginning and that it’s ok to make mistakes, we’re learning and most of the time the deepest lessons come through experience. Also great part of our problems and issues are only in our head, so it can easily be solved by a mindset and resolution. That’s a gifted yoga has given me, to see life in a simpler way… I know I’m a baby in this path, but when I look ahead and see everything I’ve got to learn still, I feel joy!

Taj Mahal, Agra.


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